Going Deeper & Enjoying The Gift of The Ordinary

It’s been a while since I was here.  I needed to sort some things out in my life and was quite unable to write very much.  It feels good to be back and able to share my experiences of the small and daily that life offers once again.

This morning while on the bus I happened to glance through the window.  The sky – that part which was visible to me, was magnificent – full of greys and blues – thick streaks which were blurred and softened by a white centre which seemed to be rising, taking over the sky.  I looked through the bare tree branches and over the tops of apartment buildings, wishing for a short instant that I was atop of one of those buildings so as to have a better view of the eastern sky.  It would be like witnessing the ‘glory of God’.  But my thoughts swiftly moved back to take in a sky that was constantly changing – views that were being transformed as quick as each breath that I took.  It was magnificent.

For a moment I thought of the “Transfiguration” as told by Matthew 17:2.  I felt like I was catching a partial glance of what is the Glory of God.  And so I sat on the bus experiencing moments of awe and wonder.  I found myself giving thanks to God for something that was so ordinary and part of each day and yet which seemed to an extraordinary gift.  During those few moments I could only give thanks to God for pointing out to me the exquisite beauty that God’s love provides to us each and every day.

As I got off of the bus I thought of what I had been given.  The wind was cold, the sky seemed to have covered over the beauty that moments ago had been there for all to see – but now had become grey and heavy.  But inside of me – I was still grinning quite madly to myself.  It was a beautiful morning no matter the weather.  It is still Easter and Christ is Risen.  My response –  Alleluia.

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  1. morgandw1 says:

    Welcome back Eleanor! I look forward to your continuing story here.

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