This morning my day began with a reflection of how it is in sharing the spirit of St. Eugene that I come to walk in the presence of God.  It has coloured my morning and I can do little but thank God for all the blessings which I have been given, beginning with the desire to be in the presence of my God.

It has not come from myself but rather has been planted in the deepest part of my soul, before even I was created.

And over the years of my becoming who I am right now in this moment I have wanted to walk in the presence of God, to be a part of God and all of life.  I have done so many things, but none that could ever make sense so much and be naturally a part of me as to share in the spirit of St. Eugene de Mazenod.  I have heard men speak of how their hearts have found a home with the Oblates.  There are I believe a good many lay persons who have discovered that they too have found a home for their hearts with the Oblates.  It may look on the outside a little different for our roles though the same look a little different, but underneath we are all the same.

I once said aloud that I was a daughter of St. Eugene and I was gently corrected and told I was an adopted daughter.  Fine by me – still I am a daughter.  God has led me to be where I am today, walking in the presence of my most glorious and wondrous God.  To be able to live thus with all who share in a particular way of walking given and shared with us by Eugene de Mazenod is most wondrous.  I thank God today for such a gift of life.

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