On July 23, 1837 Eugene wrote a long letter to Father Tempier detailing the business of the day and mentioning his journey from Notre Dame du Laus to St-Martin-des-Pallières; reply to Father Tempier’s letter on various matters concerning Father Delestrade, Father Casimir Aubert and the inhabitants of Balagne in Corsica, then finishing by describing how Armand de Boisgelin willingly consents to his son entering the Jesuit novitiate.  There is not much of great note in it and it has not been particularly inspiring for me.

Yet as I sat and thought about it I thought that this is the stuff of the ordinary and yet I find myself taking quiet delight in all of it – perhaps because with your descriptions I can see it through your eyes.  My main thought this morning is that I am able to find delight and joy in the very ordinary of even a letter that you have written to another.  Perhaps this is a grace that God is inferring upon me and in this is what I take delight – I don’t know.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that this is where God is relentlessly leading me – to find him in the midst of the small and ordinary – in the wonders that make up our days.

I came out of the house this morning to the dark for it was still quite early.  I happened to look up at the night skies which were black and saw to my delight bright stars piercing the darkness.  It is this that I have missed during the summer months when the light of day comes very early.  Such a small thing as that to fill me with such wonder and gratitude.

There is a sense of ‘being okay’ right where I am.  I find that I am slowly recovering and getting better each day.  I continue to have sometimes trouble staying focused but – well it is what it is.  I am getting stronger.  I am not sure that I will ever be back at the life I had where I was capable of pushing myself to the nth degree, but I am capable of living and moving and breathing and that is all that matters.

There is a certain grace to my being this morning although I am quite unable to define it.  The most I am able to accomplish on that score is to recognize it and sit in the midst of it.  Indeed it is a beautiful wondrous morning.  What a gift to be able to start my day in this way.

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