In July 1837 Eugene wrote to Fr. Tempier about how he does not act any more through inclination but rather though the spirit of faith.

You may have been under the impression, my dear Tempier, that I was at the end of my daring enterprises when you placed me under the mantle of our good Mother. I had deeply wished that it were so, for I admit that I have a very great need of rest and furthermore, since I do nothing more in this world through inclination, I can act only through the power of grace and from supernatural motives which do not perhaps have as much influence on my body as on my soul, and which at least move both through effort and despite the opposition coming from the will and nature. (626:IX in Oblate Writings)

This letter says it all for me – God is taking the opportunity to work through Eugene, ensuring that he rests and spends time directly with Him.  I feel almost as if this is what God might be trying to accomplish with me.  I seem to be recovering but very slowly and when I ‘try to push myself’ I simply wear myself out.  I am slowly ‘getting the message’.   But today I grow again a little stronger – not so much to “do” something but simply to “be”, and to be at ease with this.  I find that I am oddly grateful just to be able to relate with and to Eugene.  I have an incredible sense of having been given so very much even as I yearn for more.  I turn my face and there are more and yet again I turn in the other direction and there are more blessings.  It’s not like I have earned them – just that I have been given them.

It is good to simply give thanks.


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