In July 1837 Eugene wrote to Fr. Casimir Aubert reprimanding him for not going for a rest at Lumières.

I am rather disappointed, my good son, that you did not profit from the permission I gave you to go to Notre-Dame de Lumières right after the beginning of the Seminary vacation. Being in a hurry as all of us are for all of our activities, you would have lost some precious time in waiting for my reply which, incidentally, will reach you rather late. […] In the plan you propose to me, I see only more fatigue in your hasty trip to Lumières and very little benefit in the short stay at Aix. […] What was urgent is the relief from your excessive tiredness. I am always afraid that you take on too much work.

 I think that you should stay at Calvaire until I return. Your changing would give out what I reserve to announce myself. It would be a good example if Father Lagier took possession of his superiorship when you are present. It is fitting that we get used to seeing superiors take the last place as it is the practice everywhere else. […] Good-bye, dear and good son. I love you.. (625:IX in Oblate Writings)

Here we are again with business as usual and Eugene having to scold Fr. Aubert for taking some of the initiatives that he took – they affect the rest of the community, the congregation.  I note though the love that Eugene continues to give to Fr. Aubert even while struggling with some of his behaviour.  He was the first to be ordained by St. Eugene and so quite a favourite.

I think that perhaps this is a big part of being part of the ‘human’ race.

This continues to be the focus that is hitting me these days – a message from God perhaps!  I see it and I understand.  For I too love and I love without regret.  I think of a specific friend who I love – sometimes in spite of how I am treated by that friend.  I am at a loss to explain save to perhaps call it a grace.  I cannot understand how it is possible yet it is.  So I love.  I need still to let go of some of those old hurts that I received.  Honest to God – why is it so hard to let go and NOT grab back the woundedness?

I had not expected this – am I repeating myself here?    It is not a big thing but it simply goes to show how the Holy Spirit continues to work within me.

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