June 4, 1837 found Eugene writing to Fr. Mille, reproaching him for not being promptly obedient to St. Eugene who was his Superior General.

“Nothing will go well with this spirit of narrow-mindedness with which you are imbued. You want to provide for the need which is close to you, and you are not concerned first of all that you are misappropriating a power which no one has given you, and then that you are greatly jeopardizing the general interest of the Congregation.

How is it that you don’t understand that you cannot answer for what you may not do? For God’s sake, never argue when it is a question of obedience. The best thing would always be to do simply what is prescribed. (624:IX in Oblate Writings)

I do understand what Eugene was going through.  I understand that Fr. Mille was a member of the community and just because he was disobedient does not mean that Eugene or any other in the community would kick him out of the order.  Because Eugene loved him and knew that it was God who called him to be a member of the congregation and not just Eugene himself.  There is a big point of realisation for me here and it speaks to my life with a couple of friends.  One of them believes that the only response to disobedience or even difference in way of being is to evict and push away others who are not of the same thought.  I find it at times quite distressing.  My friend advocates that way of being while I advocate that we must, I must live with and accept and tolerate and even learn from, as well as to love all others and their ways of being.

This speaks to the heart of my frustration I am currently experiencing with a particular friend who is unwell and unable to change her way of being and think of any other outside of herself and her own world – but boy-o-boy it can be frustrating and such a struggle being in the midst of that. (I have to admit that I have lost my temper a couple of times recently and am more than a little sad about this.)  Like Eugene pointed out to Fr. Mille, I too spoke with my friend who was unable to see it or accept it.

Today is another day and I am so grateful for seeing how much Eugene shares from his time in this time of my life.  I thank the Holy Spirit for bringing me here this morning.

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