Eugene writes to Father Mille in Notre Dame du Laus on how the Fathers who are there with him are to help priests who would come there on retreats.

Since Father Aubert is no more at Laus and you yourself are absent sometimes, the other Fathers should have the jurisdiction to hear the confessions of the priests who come to the shrine. I had decided that Father Aubert would take charge of this difficult ministry, because, in my opinion, he had adopted a good method to help these priests make a profitable retreat, whereas our other priests were satisfied with hearing confessions without troubling themselves about anything else. I find this deplorable, that is why I wanted to remedy it by putting Father Aubert in charge of these priests. Since he is no more there, our Fathers cannot be dispensed any more from applying themselves to better their facile approach. (6210:IX in Oblate Writings May 28, 1837)

There is in this a message of how we love, how we do our job.

I keep remembering St. Eugene’s comment about not needing any ‘smouldering wicks’ in the community.  He wanted men like himself who were on fire with the love of God and willing to give their all to share that with others.

Do I do a job just to the letter-of-the-law, or only as much as I feel like doing – or do I do it to the best of my ability, giving my all even if it is not in the job description?  Do I do it with a view of “having to” or do I do it with a view to “lovingly serving others”?  Going the extra mile.  And it’s funny but when I go the extra mile out of love it does not feel like anything extra – it is simply loving.

No measuring – ever.  Eugene gave his all for God and so he gave himself over to the Church which he loved so dearly, over to his sons and daughters, to the poor, to his flock, to the world.

Pray for me St. Eugene that I might follow in your footsteps.

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