September 3, 1836 found Eugene writing to his mother and keeping her abreast of the news of his life as well as some of the Oblates which she knew.  He also wrote of a visitor he had and the effect this person had on him.

“Besides the ordinary business matters which already take up my time, there has been added the stay of Bishop Flaget[1] at the Bishop’s house, one of the most respectable bishops that I know. You feel that you must be present to him, and so how can you get to your desk unless required by some urgent matter?”  (89:XIII in Oblate Writings)

Bishop Flaget was a visitor from Kentucky and her we have Eugene claiming he was one of the most respectable bishops that he knew.  Eugene had a wide range of people who he knew and on first reading this I wanted to ask who didn’t he know.  But it was the mention of feeling the need to be present to this bishop that caught my attention and led me to reflect on a few of the people that I have known in my life who had just such an effect on me.

Once again I look at how richly God has and continues to bless me for there have been more than a few that when I was with them I felt that I needed to be present to them.  People such as my Aunt Patricia, Kay Cronin, Frank, Ken and Al.  There has been Donna and Shelley, Nicanor and Kieran, Sandy and Catherine – all these names come immediately to mind, and although they are not all still alive they, each of them, have had such a profound affect on my life and their spirits are very much alive in my heart.  The gifts of their very selves, their spirits have become a part of who I am, of my own spirituality.  “I am a part of all that I have met…”

To sit with, to listen and perhaps get up the courage to say a couple of words, to allow my heart to beat wildly because of who it recognizes in each of these persons in a very special way.  I am blessed beyond belief.  And I thank Eugene for once again leading me into a garden of delight and joy as I reflect on his words.  God continues to lavish me.


[1] Bishop B.J. Flaget of Bardstown, USA, a Sulpician

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