On July 6 1836, Eugene began a letter to Fr. Guigues, the Superior at Notre Dame de l’Osier about his planned Canonical visit to Notre Dame du Laus and his imminent departure for l’Osier with Fathers Tempier, Mille and Guibert but only finished it on July 15th.  It is letter full of the everyday business of a Superior General with his congregation and yet still it was able to grab my heart and thoughts and offer me tiny insights to Eugene’s way of being.

I would like to be back at Marseilles for the Assumption, as the pontifical liturgy is now too much for my uncle” (578:VIII in Oblate Writings) Here I see Eugene’s very real love for his uncle who is quite old.  Eugene would rather be there to help him than leave him on his own – no matter how much time he would I am sure enjoy spending with his sons.

How do I shape my life and activities in order to be there for those I love.  As I think of this I realise that I too can think of others in a myriad of small ways – be it for Church, Oblates, family or friends.  At those times I know full well, (and I count on) God most surely giving to me all that I have given to my brothers and sisters.

I have a letter from Father Guibert telling me he is leaving for l’Osier, he is in a bit of a hurry to get there, for I had a letter sent him from Gap on the very day of my arrival suggesting he follow the same route as myself, it would have been an opportunity to pass a little time together at Laus and we would have made the journey to you together. There’s always got to be some mix-up in this world to cause us annoyance in even the smallest things.” ( 578:VIII in Oblate Writings)  

There is it seems always a ‘fly in the ointment’ – something to stir things up, usually in small jarring ways.  For me what is important is that I remain calm, that I do not go off on a rant because my schedule has been interrupted by another’s.  That I maintain my calm.  Perhaps thanking God for just this very type of opportunity to let go of my ego which can so easily become swollen and over-sized in the blink of an eye.

So many invitations to daily ways of ‘being’.

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