Towards the end of May 1836 Eugene wrote a letter to Father Mille at Notre Dame du Laus about the business of the house there and how it should be conducted.

“…I completely rule out our house becoming a kind of restaurant and our bursar becoming the supplier for all the pilgrims who flock to Laus. Quite apart from the rapid destruction of all that belongs to the house, you can imagine the commotion in the kitchen, often to the detriment of the community! If you want to set up a separate kitchen, employ a servant to look after these rooms and furnish them with what is needed for the pilgrims. I raise no objection, provided the house’s purse doesn’t suffer in consequence.” (575:VIII in Oblate Writings)

Here I am today and I am not sure what I think about anything.  Today I arose and came to the office – no great revelations or anything along the way.  And later I shall go to Springhurst and then on to see my spiritual director.  I have nothing great or worthy to speak about.  Please God that the Spirit gives me the words – I am unsure about much today.

I liked Eugene’s solution to some of the problems plaguing the house at Notre Dame du Laus.  Keeping the community intact would be the only way that they would be able to minister to each other as well as to all who came through their doors.

More and more I see the need to continue to feed and nourish the community while keeping them somehow separate so that they can retain who they are and what they are about.  Is this not part of what I have hungered for and sought out?  But it would seem that God has said to me – no stay where you are and just do your best.  The Spirit has led me to places such as this with many persons that I might deepen in my love of God and how I give my all to him, and oddly enough I rejoice in that.  God has given me riches beyond measure – and they are the riches that I need to keep going on my journey home.  Eugene de Mazenod has been a part of those riches – so that I do not have to walk alone.  Eugene and the Oblates, along with so many others are my companions on the journey and I feel a profound gratitude for all that has been given.  God’s blessings, the many graces which I’ve been given – none of it deserved or earned, just given.

Perhaps I shall speak of this to my spiritual director.  How blessed am I to have someone who will walk with me this way.  Another opportunity for immense gratitude.

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