Eugene wrote to Fr. Mille, the Superior at Notre Dame du Laus on May 6, 1836 again reminding him of the Rule to keep Eugene informed of all that was going on, not just with Fr. Mille but of all who were in the house.

“I hope that in future you won’t leave me to learn by chance of your exterior activities. I don’t like it when someone makes mysteries where I should rightly be informed and strangers are better informed than I am of what is going on in our houses and of what our men are doing. I trust you will have taken steps to see that the 10,000 francs of your fixed price doesn’t fall on us directly or indirectly.” (569:VIII in Oblate Writings)

Eugene has written once again about the men, particularly the Superiors of each community to keep him updated on all that was happening.  It’s funny but I don’t think of this as a point of control – although there could be some of that in there, but as reminders to be true to our vocation and vows and commitments.  I need eyes and minds that can be objective at where I am heading and what I am doing.  For I am very capable and perhaps likely to sometimes rationalize what I doing.

I wonder how many times I have wanted to hear a specific message from God – could I talk myself into something that I wanted so badly to hear?  Part of Eugene’s insistence that he be updated regularly on all that is happening in their lives and in the life of each of the houses.  It helps to have someone looking out for you.  In my case it is a host of friends, dear and close friends, brothers and sisters.

To my way of thinking this was not so much a case of classic control, but rather an invitation to grow.


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