I continue to find my thoughts and words, my daily reflection not so much on just what Eugene has written but also on the effect that my chosen community has raised within me.

There is about me this morning a new awareness of who I am in this universe of love and being, A very small part of, but integral.  Like an individual thread running through a magnificent tapestry – on it’s own so small as to be unseen, yet with others – a part of infinite beauty.  The master weaver of course having himself ordained this living art.  An ongoing journey – all of us as members of the Oblate family.  The DNA of this exquisite tableau being the weaver herself.  The word ‘godhead’ comes to mind, an old word seldom used in this time but it is repeated in my mind so I share it – divinity.  We get to  take part in divinity.

I stop for a second because the words are almost tripping over each other as they rush to get onto the paper.

This is what happens when I allow myself to be nourished by the goodness and beauty that is others.  To see them with eyes that are opened in love and trust, ready to receive who they are rather than searching out who they are not.

This is ‘being’.  This is the ‘being’ that gives life to the ‘doing’.  Like the seed that became a tree that Fr. Fabio spoke of the other day.  The seed beginning with God and inserting itself into Eugene de Mazenod – the roots of our congregation which continues to grow as the tree – what goes before feeding the new growth.  Ongoing life and transformation.  After a while we no longer ‘see’ the seed but when we stop to look – it is there in the new growth and in the flowering.  I am so proud to be a part of this tree, this Oblate Family, an Oblate Associate.  A slight rewording of what Patrick McGee OMI said: “the vocation of an Oblate Associate complete in itself”.

This congress has given new glimpses of life and love, incredible beauty and grace.  Singing together Salve Regina – I begin this new day with wonder, a sense of being renewed and filled with gratitude.

About Eleanor Rabnett

Oblate Associate
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