In November Eugene is back in Marseilles and he writes a beautiful short letter to Fr. Casimir Aubert.  It is a letter about love.

“My dear child. I dislike having to resort to the pen to express the ineffable feelings of my heart. Happily your gentle soul understands mine without need of speech, and I too miss nothing of what issues from yours. My love attracts and unites your heart to me, independently of distance that can separate us only physically.” (551:VIII in Oblate Writings)

What a treat this is to read this gift of love given by Eugene to Aubert!  He is able to express so well the love that is most perfect – it is a love that does not rest with gender or the physical.  It is a love that has come from a heart and that grows to reach and connect with the infinite.  I would never have thought such a love possible or real but my own experiences tells me it is true.  This is a love that is born in God and grows in God and that takes over and orders all of life.  It is a love that is most perfect and allows us to weather any storm that might rise and engulf us.

I almost hesitate to stop and really sit in this love – but my heart will not be denied.  I believe that this love can only be recognized when it is experienced.  It is not something that we can learn from a book or know from another speaking of it.  It is most simply put the greatest of gifts from God, an ‘entering into and becoming one with.


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