On October 9, 1835 Eugene wrote to Fr. Tempier, sharing his happiness at being able to live in an Oblate community far from the perverse world.

“You really are the bearer of glad tidings, summoning me back next week. Isn’t it too much happiness? I can savour it already! Even so, however anxious I may be to enjoy it, I’m still going to wait for a more explicit and precise signal before I take wing in your direction. It isn’t as if I weren’t very well situated where I am. On the contrary, I’m in my element here for a host of reasons, I like our house’s regularity very much. The exercises of piety that are done in common are completely to my taste and I never weary of following them punctiliously. […]. I ask nothing of anyone, because I am satisfied and more than satisfied with the life that God has made for me..” (548:VIII in Oblate Writings)

Eugene sounded optimistic about the possibility of returning to Marseilles and seeing his loved ones again – but he was not throwing all caution to the winds.  He goes on to describe the peace and happiness he has found in being able to stay with his community at Notre Dame du Laus.

A few days ago I had the joy of being able to spend the day with members of my community of Oblates and Oblate Associates.  We spent the day catching up with each other, praying and sharing together, having a meal and celebrating each other.  It was a day of laughter and gratitude for all that we have been given in the life we have been called to.

I think to of the times that I am feeling some of the experiences that Eugene has expressed.  There comes a time when God picks me up into his embrace because I have somehow gotten off track and missed him for a couple of days.

I should be satisfied with all that God has given to me in my life.  Foolishly I want more.  Perhaps I would be better off if I thought less of my wants and concentrated on doing and giving to others.

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