Continuing with the letter written in May 1835 to Fr. Guigues:

At one time didn’t you mention a candidate for the brothers? I passed on the news to the novitiate. I have sent Brother Ferrand to Corsica. That leaves us only Brother Roux. They are a rare breed but vital, and when we find some it is important to give them a good formation.” (514:VIII in Oblate Writings)

This is my response and reflection as I speak (write) to and with St. Eugene:

Here we are in the month of May – vocations month and not only for Brothers, but also Priests and of course for Associates.   We Associates – there are many of us and yet not enough.  There is within me a burning desire, a fire to share with others what I have and to invite them to join me, to join us.  I have found my place, my calling, my way of being and do not want to keep it just for myself. Rather I find myself wanting to say to others look at the gifts of love that God has poured out.  This way of life – it brings such joy, such fullness – so come, look and see what God has in mind for you.  There is a very huge truth in all of this somehow.  And there is a joy in simply recognizing what I have been given and then wanting to turn and share that with others, most especially those who are invisible or abandoned, forgotten or ignored and unwanted.

We Associates are not great in number and yet we are strong and true, able and eager to persevere.  Slowly we are formed first with the embrace of God and then by you in your life and in your writings and then by your sons and daughters.  Your letters form me, as does our Rule of Life, as do other Oblate Writings and some of your own sons – it is ever ongoing just as the fire to learn and experience more is ever-growing.  Coming together with members of our community is vital for me, my well-being, my growth and for me to be able to step out in your footsteps.

My dearest friend – I thank you.

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Oblate Associate
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