April 7 1835 found St. Eugene writing to Fr. Guigues about the success of the mission and requesting prayers for more vocations.

I am captivated by the account of your missions or retreats and it awakens in my heart very lively feelings of gratitude towards the Lord who is everywhere working marvels by the ministry of our dear missionaries. […] My dear friend, the harvest is ripe, let us pray, let us pray the Master to send workers, for requests are coming in from all quarters and I can respond only with my regrets. […] Do you think that I don’t understand that you are too few for the field that the father of your family has given you to cultivate? Urge him to pray in his turn to God, whom he serves so well and whom he loves so much, that some of the many clerics on whom he imposes hands and whom I would like him to fill with his spirit, may be steered by zeal in your direction.(510:VIII in Oblate Writings)

I am struck with the joy and gratitude and love that Eugene speaks with when he hears about what great things the missionaries are bringing about. And this infuses my own spirit with joy and gratitude  – and an experience of commonality.  I have felt thus when I read the news of Mario Borzaga being recognized as a Martyr – an up-swelling of pride and love and joy.  That pride – deep within me that comes only from being in communion with the Oblate family, connected to…  This is yet another gift since making my commitment to the Oblates, which I also experienced at Convocation.  It was never expected or dreamed of and most certainly no one ever told me that this could happen.  Is this a part of love?  Is this wht happens when hearts are shared?   I find myself sitting here in gratitude to a God who just keeps giving.

Life in God with daily surprises, life that continues to unfold.

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