On April 1, 1835 St. Eugene wrote to Father Casimir Aubert at Aix about the few number of novices and about the will of God.

It pains me to see that our novitiate is going to be small in number, it is a great pity … Don’t let’s set our hearts on things being any different than God in his goodness allows.” (509:VIII in Oblate Writings)

I am reminded of a reflection from last week when Eugene was writing to Henri Tempier in 1828.  Eugene wrote:  “All is admirable here, save for the number; there is much to groan about considering how few ecclesiastics understand the spirit of the divine Founder and close their ears to his calling. Since it cannot be otherwise, let us be pleased with what we have. For it seems to me that it is good.”  

It was all about quality and not the quantity and about it being enough.  I don’t believe in coincidences and I do believe that there is a reason for everything and that the Spirit leads us.  Eugene’s words:  “Don’t let’s set our hearts on things being any different than God in his goodness allows.”  A gentle reminder that God will supply us with all of our needs – so lets set our hearts on what God leads us to and not our very own desires.  Yes I want for my Oblate family to grow and thrive – but let it be in how God would have us be and it will happen.   If I work within that, live within that I shall be okay as will the Oblates, as will the world.


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