On October 18, 1834 Eugene wrote to Fr. Guibert at Notre Dame du Laus to inform him that he was to become the Superior of the new mission in Corsica.In October of 1834 Eugene writes again to Fr Aubert.

“My dear friend, today isn’t the first time I’ve bewailed the necessity of being separated from the men Providence has given me as councillors in the administration of the family.[…] At this particular moment, more than ever, I would have liked to dialogue with you especially, before taking a decision which must have very great consequences, […] not on a mere changing of personnel, but on a real upheaval in our houses. A vast horizon opens up before us; we are perhaps called to the work of regenerating the clergy and the entire people of Corsica. […] we must take it or leave it. […] The truth is we are able to accept the offer we have longed for, and which we won’t ever have again if we turn it down now. But fulfilling this task is going to cost us very heavy sacrifices. […] I have put all the objections to myself. I have considered all the disadvantages, and the inescapable conclusion is that we must be prepared for any sacrifice at all if we are not going to reproach ourselves for closing the door that Providence is opening to us.[…] We have no one in the Society but yourself, my dear friend, who unites in his person the qualities required to make this foundation. […] You won’t expect me to give you proof; your modesty would have you rest while at the same time the spirit of obedience that fills you would impel you to accept.” (493:VIII in Oblate Writings)

This letter speaks to the very process that the Oblates of OMI Lacombe have been working through for the past year and most certainly that we celebrated at our recent convocation.  The spirit of St. Eugene very much alive in our present day, in our Father Provincial and indeed in all of the Oblates.  Some of the changes to be made are bold, daring.  It took the prayers and discernment of many to come to where we are now.

Eugene began this almost 200 years ago and here we are today, alive in his spirit, his charism.

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