In October of 1834 Eugene again wrote to Father Guigues, OMI who was at Notre Dame de l’Osier, about the success of the apostolate at l’Osiesr being due to regularity.

“Interior regularity and your fidelity to the Rule have brought you this grace that you are relishing. (489: VIII in Oblate Writings)

I feel as if Eugene was writing directly to me.  A week ago on the day of “tear down” of the convocation I went to the room we had been using as a chapel – there on the altar was the Blessed Sacrament and so I simply sat with my Saviour.  Not alone for there were some others there – but there was a sweetness to it that I have not experienced for a long time – to be with my beloved – my beloved being God but also my beloved being my Oblate brothers and sisters.  I was reminded of Madonna House 30 years ago.

During the convocation I found that I needed to be fully there for myself and for my brothers and sisters, but I also needed to be able to spend my time in reflection in the ways that I have become accustomed to over the past 5 years – so I got up early and reflected before going to join the others, the setting up and the preparing and the being with.  The “being with “ – what a gift that was for me.  A little like Eugene when he went on Missions perhaps – he still needed his personal prayer time to get through the day before hearing confessions, preaching and ‘being with’.  That little ‘interior regularity’.  As for fidelity to the Rule – well perhaps I could be a little more intentional about that.

I think that I shall try to read a little and reflect upon it at least once a week.  Much as I do with Frank’s thesis.  It is not always ever day but I try to keep it regular.



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