It seems clear to me that God has signified his approval of what I was doing. I no longer feel at all the effects of the indisposition which bothered me for such a long time. Everywhere I have been able to function normally with no more fatigue than I normally feel in a like situation. (August 7, 1834 – 483: VIII in Oblate Writings)

Here Eugene is writing to Henri Tempier about his pastoral visitation in the diocese of Avignon.

These three short lines have called me to look at whose approval I seek and value most.  Why I do what I do, who I am. And as is so often the case my reflection here seems to be a jumping off point from an earlier reflection on the Eugene de Mazenod Speaks To Us blog (http://www.eugenedemazenod.net/?p=2771) .  In his blog Frank Santucci focused on words from Ron Rolheiser OMI as he spoke about the mixed reasons for doing as we do.  “But, mixed as our motives will always be, something else, something much more positive, needs to be factored into this, namely, the fact that God gave us our various talents and that God feels good about us using them.”   None of my actions, my giving and my serving is 100% pure – there is some ‘stoking of my ego’ as Ron puts it.  But that does not negate the good and the pure.

We are a part of both and I do believe that God takes delight in each of us and how we use the gifts which have been given to us.  Much as we do with those we love who live out the gifts they have been given – no matter the reason why they start or do what they do. God started it all and we simply learn and copy.

I awoke this morning singing the first line from a hymn which we usually sing on Holy Thursday.  “Do you know what I have done for you…” It all ties in somehow.


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