In the writings of Eugene de Mazenod each letter is summarized in a few words.  The summary of Eugene’s letter of October 28, 1833 reads “Submission to God’s will”. And so while I have read the entire letter my whole being keeps returning to those four words – ‘submission to God’s will’.

My dear friend. […] one must discern within the course of events and even within the course set by man’s deliberate choice a higher course set by Providence which governs all by its wisdom. […] I need this when I am tempted to be vexed at not having followed a particular inspiration that I believed to be better than its opposite which in fact I settled on, whether out of deference for the opinion of others or for any other reason, especially when drawbacks result that are difficult to remedy”  (470:VIII in Oblate Writings)

I read this a few times but return to that four-word summary – ‘submission to God’s will’.  Rather than drudgery it sounds like a beautiful invitation.  An invitation to ‘be’.  An invitation that promises freedom, that promises opportunities.  An invitation that intimates that I do not have to ‘do’ it all myself.

What have I got lose?  This does not mean that I am giving up on anything but it might just mean that I am entering into and taking part in something new.  If I am busy fighting everything around me – God, people, work, the weather, the imperfect government… and if I am busy looking for the bad, the weak, the faults and the failures – I will never be able to take time and see the good and the love and the beauty.

An open door before me and all I need to do is let go of myself and walk through it.  A powerful image before me.

I keep saying ‘my all for God’.  Guess I better look at just how much does ‘my all’ really mean.  I might just want to look what I am really ‘giving into’.  I’d like it to be God!

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