Eugene in his letter to Henri Tempier on October 24th, 1833 continues to show how even in the midst of personal upheaval and struggle he continues to focus on God.

… There is no need of regrets when one has done one’s best. God makes use even of human mistakes to achieve his purpose. I do not know what he expects of me; all I know is that he governs with his wisdom those whose sole purpose is to work for his glory. I am attracted by the thought of peace and quiet. I have good reason to be weary of human injustice. And so I act accordingly, in view of my soul’s good, even though I should obtain it for a time only. If God has decided differently, he will direct events and bend the will of his creatures in such a way as to achieve his ends.”  (469:VIII in Oblate Writings)

There is here a very simple truth and it touches my heart.  It fills me with hope that one day I might become as compliant with God as was Eugene.  He seems to write from the very depth of his heart, and I find myself desiring to take the first three lines and etch them into my own heart.

I have no idea of what God expects of me in this life – God is not big on making huge billboard signs that I can easily read, but rather seems to prefer the soft whispers that take great listening and then reflecting to hear and understand.  But even as I write this I hear very softly “just be Eleanor, just be”.

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