In January of 1833 Eugene wrote a letter to the Bishop of Lausanne and Geneva.

 “Not only do I acknowledge that I am your diocesan as you are so good as to observe in the letter I am to my distress all too late in answering, but you are my master and the model I would like to be able to imitate in my conduct throughout my life. I earnestly ask God for this grace in his goodness, for I truly want to be a bishop after his heart. You know too well, My Lord, the cost of such a favour to refuse me your help, by your prayers, in obtaining it, with this in view I ask you for a small mention each day in your memento. You will not find me ungrateful…(January 8 1833 letter to Bishop Yenni,  – 170: XV in Oblate Writings)

Eugene wrote in response to a letter from Bishop Yenni in November of 1832 but I did not immediately recognize this (it was noted in an unread footnote) and he was responding with the words used by Bishop Yenni.  I read the words “you are my master and the model I would like to be able to imitate in my conduct throughout my life…”  What was that all about I asked myself.  Was Eugene ‘fawning’ over another bishop?  How could I ever reflect on something like this?  I wanted to contact an Oblate and ask about it – not a good idea at 5 am. I wrote a few words about being out of sorts  and explaining (to God?) that I was missing a daily blog from another which was enriching and nourishing with direction and lessons about Eugene.  Only then did I return again to Eugene’s writings and notice the footnotes.  I started my morning over again.

The work and and grief I can cause for myself!  Being out of sorts and seemingly unable to ‘go deeper’ in any way simply because I had jumped to conclusions.



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