“…I know all the time that it is my Father who is in heaven I am dealing with, who has at his right hand his Son Jesus Christ, our Saviour, who is our advocate, our mediator, who never ceases to make intercession for us… […] It is precisely on this point that the power of the Holy Spirit draws me to dwell and it is the fruit that I want and hope for from my retreat.(Letter to Fr. Tempier, October 10, 1832 – 436:VIII in Oblate Writings)

The Holy Spirit figured predominantly in Eugene’s life and I find myself asking what the Holy Spirit is drawing me to dwell on.

It’s complicated because I cannot explain the Spirit of God but to say that it is the spirit within me that raises my awareness of God within and all around me.  The spirit of God fills me with joy and tenderness, with love and wisdom.  Goodness, peace and knowledge of myself come in measures as God deems me able  to hold.

I find myself being more consciously aware of the Spirit as I move through these days.  It is no coincidence then that as I come here to reflect with my friend, my mentor, my inspiration and the one whose spirit I share that I should be drawn to this sentence about the Holy Spirit being the source of that same inspiration and guidance.  Under such guidance and direction I find myself wanting to ‘let go’ of all that I am holding onto, hiding behind in anticipation of what is to come.  Rather than mindless it leaves me aware and free, a little vulnerable but peacefully open.

It sounds unthinkable and yet here I am asking God for the grace to move where the Spirit takes me.

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