My recognition and that of the entire congregation is very much alive in our hearts and is a duty that will always remain with us, even after my death.” (To Cardinal Pedicini dated April 10 1832: 1:V in Oblate Writings)

I doubt that there is an Oblate of Mary Immaculate alive who does not know the name Cardinal Pedicini!  He was so very instrumental in helping Eugene when in Rome to get the Constitutions and Rules approved by the Pontiff in 1826.  I though had to look at the footnotes of the letter to recall who he was in Eugene’s life.

How easy it is for me to remember those who have had a great impact and were/are a part of my own personal conversion experience, who are a living part in the milestones in my life.  Their names and faces even now seem to jump of the mists, they are the very gifts of God in my life.  Some who gave a little bit extra, who connected in a special remembered way, who led, supported, loved.  I daresay these were and are the faces of God in my life.  They hold a special place in my heart and the recognition begins as I think of them, see their faces, connect on a heart-level.

Who is it that causes my heart to come more alive with recognition?  Who is it that causes my heart to grow so as there is room for them to become such a part of me?  This is what real love is about.  God gives us the endless capacity to join in his heart as we grow our own.

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