In a letter written to Brother Saluzzo on December 8, 1831 Eugene wrote an obedience to Saluzzo asking him to reflect on his vocation.

So I consent to your leaving Billens, to your separating yourself from […] whose very company was a safeguard for your feeble virtue. You will come first to N.-D. du Laus to place yourself until further orders under the mantle of our Good Mother. […] Go there with an upright heart, call fervently upon this powerful protector, ask her to enlighten the director I appoint for you in this holy place and to give you the simplicity and docility you need in this situation, decisive as it is for your life..”  (411:VIII in Oblate Writings)

Here  Eugene has had to make decisions that would affect not only Saluzzo but the entire community.  Not done on a whim, but rather in consultation with others and most certainly in prayer.

This has brought me to a 2nd day of reflecting on our leadership within the community and most especially that of Lacombe Province. Next week our Provincial and his council will be entering into a most difficult part of the process that has been taking place this past year.  I can think only that we need to hold them all in very intentional prayer.  I trust that they will be open to the Holy Spirit and to the wisdom that God has inferred upon them at this time.  Perhaps the prayer is more for me – for it is all that I can do to support them.

It would seem to me that they in some way enter into this alone, but also giving themselves over to God and so to each other and the entire community.  I pray for them and not a specific outcome – the Spirit will move where it wills.  I pray that God will hear my small voice and know that it is given in love and trust.  And I thank God for all that we have been given in their saying ‘yes’, in their oblation.


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