My first conscious thoughts as I awoke and greeted God this morning, still wrapped in the safety and comfort of my bed, was to wonder where God would lead me this day. It usually starts with a reading and then seeing where I go from there.  I feel led but not bound.

My waking thoughts this morning – an image of a friend who is a photographer and who takes incredibly beautiful pictures of birds.  Pictures so alive and vibrant that you want to almost touch them.  I asked him once how he got such perfect pictures and he told me that he walks through a sanctuary and then leaves the path, walking through low growth, perhaps through water, and he goes deeper to find the birds where they live, rather than waiting for the birds to come to him on the path. This is my image of ‘going deeper’.

Just as my friend leaves the safety and knowing of his path to discover what can be hidden, so it is with my reflections.  I have to let go of what I am holding onto, take the risk of getting dirty, the risk of recognizing what is not always pleasant or perfect and stepping into the unknown.  It is there that I discover incredible beauty and life.  There all along, just waiting to be seen and experienced. But only when I dare to leave the safety of the path.

Many of my reflections come from readings that are very uninspiring, ordinary yet always there is a hidden treasure to discover.  Every once-in-a-while, I find myself facing something so difficult and painful that I will stand up, wanting to physically move away from where I am.  It takes a conscious decision to return to a place that is uncomfortable and continue my reflection.  I will step cautiously from the path, parting that which is in front of me to see what is behind it.  Letting go of my fears and taking the risk.  It is so well worth it.

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