We will meditate especially …on the virtues of our Lord Jesus Christ, for these should be exemplified in the life of our members. Every month they will choose one particular virtue that they will endeavor to practice with ever-increasing fidelity. They will make these same virtues the subject of their particular examen and spiritual conferences.”  (from the 1831 retreat of St. Eugene de Mazenod – 163:XV in Oblate Writings)

Here is another small piece from Eugene’s daily road map to help him keep first and foremost that which was most important in all of his life.  Jesus.  I find myself both inspired and grateful.

This is something that I can practice in small ways.  In the past little while I have found myself fearing and questioning if I have not been giving God his due.  I do not want God to slide quietly into the background of unconsciousness, for when that happens I tend to become blasé and worse – without God first and foremost, my life can slowly and silently become a treadmill of emptiness.  So if I can remember each day to spend a portion of time devoted only to reflecting on the virtues of Jesus I will find myself well off.  It will not be a great long endeavour, but to start small is to at least start.  This will then be another tool that aids me in being with so many others a Co-operator of Christ Our Saviour.  I can but thank God for loving me so much in every way.


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